C# to JSON

I got tired of writing throw-away code to generate JSON from my C# classes so I built this converter tool.

It uses Microsoft Roslyn to compile C# code on the fly and serialize it to JSON.

Give it a try!

  • You must supply valid C# code, ideally just the classes and/or structs that make up your models. No main() function or any other application code necessary. The tool will create an instance of each type using its default constructor.
  • Common using statements (ie. System, System.Collections.Generic, etc.), as well as namespace declarations, are not required, just the class declarations themselves.
  • If a class depends on another type, be sure to include the dependency(s) as class definitions.
  • If you want your JSON to be populated with sample data, initialize those properties in a constructor, otherwise you'll get null/default values.
  • If you want a class excluded from your JSON, create a default constructor for that class and mark it as private.
See example below and try it out.
Note: This tool is only intended to consume reasonably simple C# class hierarchies that have no external dependencies. Anything too complex may generate an error.

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